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With 20 years of experience at the forefront of the underground scene, DJ Samer is to progressive house what strawberries are to cream: utterly essential! His label, Pangea Recordings continues to build on his legacy being charted and played continually by the scenes elite DJ. And the no signs of slowing down, DJ Samer is in the prime of his life right now.


Like many in the underground dance community, Samer Salhab’s musical journey began with a place: Club Simon’s in Gainesville, Florida. For the bright-eyed young music fanatic, Club Simon’s acted as a catalyst for his passion for underground House music, fueled by discovering a world of super talented artists and a new desire to collect their tracks and weave sonic stories of his own through DJing. After hard work and tons of practice, things started to come together for Samer. He left Gainesville for Tampa to finish his education, but took his love for dance music with him. His growing collection of House, Progressive, and Trance began to form a style that became known in the local club scene in Ybor City – the center of Tampa’s nightlife. There, his he began to catch the ears of club goers and he slowly started making a name for himself.

“It was tough making a name for myself where Florida Breakbeat was the choice of music at the time. I thank all the DJs that gave me a chance. They had total control and influence of what people on the dance floor were listening to and allowed me to try and have some small sort of influence over it.” – DJ Samer

Samer’s chance meeting with Bill Vines (The Maji) at Chakra Records, Tampa kick started his career into overdrive. Bill’s mentoring gave Samer a good grounding in production and DJing. They also set up Pangea Recordings. Working together as Evrydaydowers, they began to pick up gigs across Tampa which lead to them producing their first EP – A New Beginning. “Quality wise, this was a first production, but I remember receiving a compliment from Brother Brown at the WMC. Being that he was one of my heroes, that’s when I knew we were heading in the right direction,” Samer says. The early 00s proved to be a very successful time for Samer but soon he began to look further afield at the bright lights of California. In 2002 he finally made the move to San Diego and slowly began to build his name in the local scene warming up for luminary international DJs. Aside from his own personal success, Pangea’s influence was further enhanced by the likes of Sasha regularly playing and charting their releases, indeed, Samer recalls a surreal moment at WMC 2003 where he heard Sasha drop “This World” (Pangea’s first globally distributed release) to a highly receptive Miami crowd. With the success of Pangea Recordings, Samer decided to expand Pangea by creating sister labels Pangea UK, 1Shot Recordings, and digital spawns for them as well. “The San Diego scene was pretty chill compared to LA and San Francisco, which allowed me to get a lot of work done and allowed me to release more records.” Samer says, “Also, I got so many great demos it was tough to stay focused on just progressive music. I needed another outlet to release other types of tunes, and that’s why we formed the sister labels.”

“DJ Samer has long been an influential figure in the United States progressive house scene. Never fazed by certain genres coming in and out of fashion, he has stuck with progressive sounds throughout and we salute him for that!”- Mitch Alexander (Release Promo, Canada)

Unfortunately, Samer and Bill have decided to take different paths in recent times, but this hasn’t slowed Samer down as he now DJing across the country at some of the best parties on the planet; from Ultra, Miami with Deadmau5, Sasha and John Digweed to Love Fest in San Francisco and beyond. These days, Samer is concentrating more on his original productions and writing music under his own name. He has signed solo outings and remixes on very well respected international labels such as Spundae Music, Baroque Records, Old SQL and more. Samer’s podcast – Pangea Recordings Podcast – has aided him in pushing his sound to a worldwide audience with thousands of devoted and faithful listeners. It is safe to say that Samer is still one of America’s most exciting DJs and producers. 20 years in the making, DJ Samer is still that wide eyed music fan looking forward to the weekend where his favorite DJs spin the greatest music in the World at Club Simons.

Production and Publishing Credits for DJ Samer: 

Production and Publishing Credits

Pangea 001 PAN-001

Evrydaydowners 001 “A New Beginning / Argyle Laughter” Released 2001

Pangea 002 PAN-002

Evrydaydowners 002 Adio EP “Music/Deep/Shadow leaf” Released 3/2002

Pangea 003 EVD-003r and EVD-003, respectively

Evrydaydowners 003 “This World EP” featuring Chris Lake and Andy Moor Remixes Released 3/2003

Pangea 005 PANG-003

Pete Gawtry “Contact Future” EP featuring Smight and Evrydaydowners Remix Released 1/2004

Pangea 006 PANG-006

Chris Lake “Hiatus” EP featuring Kingkade, Smight, and Evrydaydowners Remixes Released 9/2004

Pangea 008 PANG-008r

Sertac Kaya “Boncuk” EP with Evrydaydowners and Hakan Unsal Remixes, Released 9/2005

Pangea UK 003

Alex Stealthy “Being” EP with Evrydaydowners and Joshua Collins remixes, Released 3/2005

Pangea UK 005

Fernandez and Musgrove “Directions in Groove” EP with Evrydaydowners remixes, Released 5/2005


DJ Samer & DJ*B “Groove Tool” – Single, Released 7/2013


DJ Samer & DJ*B “Groove Tool” – The Remixes, Release 11/2013


Pete Bones “My Definition” (DJ Samer & DJ*B Remix), Release 7/2014


Samer, DJ*B “Atonement” (Original / Inkfish ‘Making Amends’ Remix / Ian Dillon Remix / Hair Band Drop-Out Remix) (Pangea Recordings), Released 12/2016


Inkfish “Before The War” (Original / Barry Jamieson Remixes / Napalm & d-phrag Remix / Sean McClellan Remix / DJ Samer Remix) (Pangea Recordings), Released 4/2017


Remixes and Original Music For Other Labels and Producers

Evrydaydowners “Deeper” EP (Confi-Dance), Released 2004

Stereo & McGrath vs. Section 75 “Illusion” Evrydaydowners Remix (Source of Gravity), Released 2/2006

Oxygen Breathing Apparatus “Target of Opportunity” DJ Samer Remix (Cerulean Records), Released 1/2007

Native “Forever” Evrydaydowners & Chris Sterio Remix (Pangea Digital), Released 1/2007

Joshua Collins “Fate” Evrydaydowners Remix (frik:n:frak), Released 2/2007

Cocaine Cowboys “Functional Distortion” Dj Samer Remix (1Shot Records), Released 3/2008

DJ Samer “Can’t Move My Groove” EP Original and Edge Mixes (Jetlag Digital), Released 11/2010

DJ Samer v Thomas Penton “No Left Turn” Original, Thee-O, Kotoswitch, Logiztik Sounds & Nerdskit Remixes (Spundae Music), Released 11/2010

DJ Samer “Golden Coast” EP Original and Shintaro Remixes (friskyRecords), Released 3/ 2011

Thomas Penton & DJ Samer “Chemical Imbalance” EP Original, Ad Brown and Matrick Remixes (Indigo Records), Released 11/11

DJ Samer & DJ B “Moonlight” EP Original, Rigor Rework, Rigor Ambient Outro Mix, and Ewan Rill Remix (Segment Recordings UK), Released 2/2013

Dj Samer “Love Letters” EP Smooth and Club Mixes, Remixes TBA (Polytechnic Recordings), Released 3/2013

DJ Samer “Liquid Vinyl” EP Original, Sonic, Spacebeat, and Cybernalia Remixes (Stellar Fountain), Released 4/2013

Marie “Milkyway” DJ Samer Intergalactic Remix (Smart Phenomena), Released 4/2013

Max Iborquiza “Rhythm Server” DJ Samer & DJ*B Remix (Rezongar Music), Released 10/3/2013

Sapiens “Fuzzy Driver” DJ Samer & DJ*B Remix (Stellar Fountain), Released 10/7/2013

Beat Factory “His Breath” DJ Samer & DJ*B Remix (Baroque Records), Released 01/2014

Jonatan Ramonda “Migrania” (DJ Samer & DJ*B Remix) (BC2 Recordings), Release 4/2014

Samer & DJ*B “Dark Night” (Original Mix) (Reelaux Digital), Released 10/2014

DJ Samer “Insomnia” (Still Awake / Dub Mix) (Stripped Digital), Released 4/2015

Samer & DJ*B “December Blue” (Original Mix) (Evoked Recordings), Released 8/2015

Mozaik “Underground Ticket” (Samer & DJ*B Remix) (Reelaux Digital), Released11/2015

DJ Samer “Enlightenment” (Original / Oliver Petkovski Remix / Cetera Remix) (OLD SQL Recordings), Released 6/2016

DJ Samer “Insomnia” The Remixes (Cybernalia Remix / Justin Steel Remix) (Stripped Digital), Released 9/2016

5 Years With Stellar Fountain – The Must Hear Selection – DJ Samer “Liquid Vinyl” (Cybernalia Remix) (Stellar Fountain), Released 10/2016

Blue Cell “That Groove” (Samer & DJ*B Remix) (OLD SQL), Released 11/2016


Various Artist and Mix CD Compilations

Moonshine’s Psycho-Trance 2004, mixed by DJ Hardware, “This World” Evrydaydowners (Andy Moor Mix)

Year003 Continuous DJ Mix, friskyRecords, Released 12/2010

This is Frisky! Volume 1, friskyRecords, Released 3/2011


Fully Licensed DJ Mix Compilations

Pure Resonance: The San Francisco Love Parade Mixed By Samer, Released September 2005 (5 out of 5 in M8 Mag Review, 4.0/5 RA Review)


Radio Shows

Seasonal Findings on MercurySessions and EccentricBeats hosted by Dj Samer

Pangea Recordings presents Seasonal Findings hosted by DJ Samer on had some of the biggest Djs in the world as residents, such as John Digweed, Armin Van Buuren, Carl Cox, Sultan, and many more.

Pangea Recordings Podcast.  Since 2014, the Pangea Recordings Podcast is dedicated to pushing forward the best in underground electronic dance music, and is available on Itunes.


Interviews and Articles

365 Mag Interview July 2003

365 Mag Article written by Samer about New Years Eve with John Digweed 12-31-03

Interview with

DJ Profile and Mix Commentary on Resonantvibes – Featured to Showcase Samer’s Love Parade 2005 Mix Compilation – Which Earned a 5/5 in M8 Magazine and 4.0/5 in Resident Advisor! Interview February 2008